Rotary Club of Guelph South happy to once again this year support the Chalmers Community Centre's Christmas Bag campaign - this year our team was able to supply and pack enough to donate 50 gift bags!!
The Board of Directors had approved the Service Projects Committee's recommendation of approval of funding to purchase enough in the way of bags and supplies, as requested by Chalmers, for  a donation of 50 Christmas Gift Bags.  Once funding was approved Zabrina Steffler ran with it, sourcing everything and coming in about $500 under budget!  Veronika Sorek arranged for meeting space where all of the purchased supplies were organized and then packed by a team of members including Zabrina, Veronika, John Persson, Hazel Dickie and Richard Van Dyke.  All 50 bags were delivered to Chalmers Community Centre on November 29th.  As a club we are thrilled to know the positive impact that these Christmas Gift Bags, and these essential supplies, can have during this season of great need in our community.  And already there is talk of setting a goal of 100 bags in 2024???  Well done team!