Sustainable Employment Project in Nicaragua

This is an economic development project initiated by our club. Several members of our club have already visited this economically-disadavantaged village near San Juan del Sur.

We have provided start up funding for a group of women to start a small preserve making business using locally available tropical fruits. 

We have provided funding for English lessons for the ladies in the cooperative (so that they can better communicate with the tourists that will be their customers), labeling for the jars of product, a business plan, assistance in planning and marketing and development of signage.  We are grateful to Marilyn Rootham, of Rootham Gourmet Preserves, for her expert guidance to the ladies with respect to the preparation and production of the fruit.

Funds raised by the October 2011 "Grate Groan-Up Spelling Bee", along with funds donated by Hammond Power Solutions, are going towards the construction of a proper kitchen for the project (everything is cooked and prepared outdoors now!) so that health requirements can be met, in particular to facilitate the export of the product.